Intro by Latisha Cachitoorian

Wake County has the largest public school system in North Carolina. Its 857 square miles of county lines cover Raleigh, Cary, and Apex and serve roughly 177,127 public and private school students. Forbes magazine cited Wake County Public Schools as a principal reason to move to the area, and it’s no wonder why teachers and families flock here.

Every fall and spring we ask schools to share their unique programs, features, and benefits for maximum student achievement. Parents and educators understand that each child’s learning experience should be as unique as they are.

Understanding the needs of each child is paramount to a child’s learning success, and some schools are a better fit than others for individual learners. A smaller school, a Montessori school, or simply a different school can make all the difference for a student. When your child has the best match for optimal learning, the future is bright and a lifetime of doors are opened wide. Call for a tour of a school that might be right for your child!