Morrisville's Park West Village

A Place for Residents to "Experience it All"

Story by Jackie Boeheim
Photo by Greg Davenport

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Back in 1852, Jeremiah Morris donated 3 acres of land to the North Carolina Railroad. The land, now known as Morrisville, housed a water station, woodshed, and post office. Its main use, however, was to act as a hub for and serve the Railroad. Morris was pleasantly surprised when newcomers began calling this town home.

In 1990, the population was a little over 1,000. Folks must have been spreading the good word about this charming little town, because in 2010 the community had grown to a whopping 25,000 residents. It seems that its first use as railroad town had stuck. Morrisville became a drive-through hub for community members to easily get to and from the Research Triangle Park.

Those residing here were yearning for more; the town grew so rapidly that there was no downtown for community gathering. That is, until 2006 – when CASTO, a realty services company, purchased property in Morrisville for a shopping and entertainment center.


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Park West Village Was Born
Property Coordinator Conner Dixon was eager to design an all-purpose space for residents to enjoy urban living, entertainment, and family-friendly events. “We wanted to create a place for people to gather and have a sense of community.”

Park West Village is one of the most accessible shopping centers in the Triangle. Its location is situated at Cary Parkway and Chapel Hill Road and is extremely close to all major interstates. This was not by accident; this was a properly thought out decision by the team at CASTO to provide a spot for residents to “Experience It All.”

In fact, nestled in the heart of the shopping center are 191 contemporary district lofts. What’s better than actually living in the hub of Morrisville? These folks can walk to restaurants, shopping, movie theatres, exercise facilities, and events. Each loft is upscale, providing top-notch amenities and giving dwellers a downtown living feel.


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A Place For Local Shops To Shine
Earth Fare and Target are among the popular big-name stores that hold up each end of Park West. But nestled in the nooks and crannies are local shops and restaurants. “We feel we have a great mix of national and local stores that really play off each other,” Dixon explains.

Among those shops are fashion boutiques like Pink Magnolia and Scout & Molly’s. Both stores offer high-end clothing, accessories, and small-town charm. Each item carried in these stores are handpicked by the owners and targeted to the demographic in that area.

Cute Buttons Gift and Paper Boutique has created an environment “where shoppers can find colorful wares and pretty paper – and of course, a friendly smile or two.” The boutique has been open since 2008 and offers one-on-one customer service. Their inventory is nothing short of charming.

For a night out, head over to Cantina 18. They are a member of the 18 Restaurant Group led be Chef Jason Smith of Raleigh. The restaurant features farm-fresh south-western fare and a weekend brunch. Afterwards, catch a flick at family owned and operated, Stone Theatres Park West Village 14.


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Home To Grand Events and Entertainment
The events calendar for Park West is packed all year long and open to families (including your four-legged pets). Its annual events have become wildly popular and include live music and local vendors. Park West teams up with the Morrisville fire and police departments to create a safe environment for each event. 

The Winter Wonderland event is magical with a snow sledding hill, story time with Santa, and train rides. This year’s event will take place on November 18th from 5:30pm–8:30pm. 

The Fall Festival is right around the corner on October 26th from 4-8pm. Visitors can trick-or-treat, enjoy hayrides and participate in a costume contest.

Residents will also enjoy the annual Live In The District Music Series and Acoustic Nights In The District.


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The Growth Of Park West
Park West has grown rapidly in its 11 years of existence. They work in conjunction with local schools and community programs to ensure that their growth extends beyond their needs. That’s the definition of a neighborhood and we’re thankful that Park West Village is that neighborhood, for Morrisville residents.

In addition to its 191 district lofts, CASTO is constructing a full-service hotel on campus. They continue to add events and tenants and strive to meet the everyday needs of those in the area.

“We feel we have met the local demand and continue to listen to the community’s feedback,” Dixon shares. “We look at how we can continue to grow and be forward-thinking to be a service to our community.” 


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