Locally Made, Locally Loved

By Jackie Boeheim

We adore products that represent the creativity and culture of our local community. Facebook and Etsy have made it easy for small businesses to share their product, not only with their hometown, but worldwide.

The benefits of utilizing these sites for profitable. Businesses are able to sell their products directly to the customer and answer questions immediately. This creates a bond between store owner and customer, making the company that much more relatable.

 We scoured the internet for successful shops out of western wake county and were pleased with the diversity. What follows are a few online stores that have a mighty following of virtual shoppers.

Bijou Southern

Unique Handmade Jewelry

Michelle at Bijou Southern is busy fashioning handmade Southern-styled jewelry. New styles are produced weekly and are always ahead of the latest trends. Popular items include colorful tassel necklaces, cork earrings, and bamboo pieces. All of her items are below $50, making affordability just as easy as looking impeccable.

Cary Cottage

Reimagined Vintage Furniture

The Cary Cottage is a Facebook-based business started by a husband-and-wife team. The two
hunt for quality vintage furniture to restore to today’s styles. Through refinishing and carpentry work, they are able to upcycle pieces for another generation to enjoy. The Cary Cottage also showcases antique home décor on their Instagram feed weekly, including items such as dinnerware, vases, and artwork.



Cityscape Jewelry

The Shekhtwoman is creating rare rings with famous cities as her inspiration. Cityscape Rings showcase detailed skylines in platinum, gold, and silver finishes. Owner Ola has a meticulous process when designing each ring. She begins with a thorough sketch of the ring and uses 3D printing to produce the final product. Shekhtwoman is giving customers the opportunity to wear their favorite city.

Muddy Heart

Pyramid Planters & Yarn Bowls

After participating in pottery classes at the Cary Arts Center, Melissa found and fine-tuned her love for clay, ceramics and pottery. Muddy Heart was dreamt up in 2012 and delivers unique functional wares to its customers. Her products bring beauty and joy to everyday objects. Just check out her unique pyramid planters and stylish yarn bowls.


Boho Lanterns

You’ve seen the versatility of mason jars, right? They are used for canning, drinking glasses, wedding décor and more. But have you seen them reconfigured into eye-catching lanterns? LIT Décor paints each mason jar by hand with specialty glass tint and detailing paint. The jars are then baked to set the paint, handles are fastened, and with the addition of a tea light candle, you have a lantern. Products are made to order, giving the customer the ability to customize each lantern.

Farmers’ Markets

If you would like to meet a few creative geniuses in person, head to your local farmers’ market. Wake County farmers’ markets are well rounded, and offer everything from food products to crafts.

Setting up a booth on a warm summer day is a great way for sellers to get face-time, answer questions, and offer samples of products. There’s nothing more satisfying than shaking hands with a shop owner and learning about their goods. The following small businesses have regular booths at markets around town, and we invite you to spend a little time with them.


Good Grace Dog Treats

Handmade Dog Treats

After noticing the long list of unhealthy ingredients in most store-bought dog treats, Blair McKinney began making her own. Her batches of treats are preservative- and chemical-free, and wildly loved by her own two dogs. Blair provides grain-free, wheat-free, and gluten-free snacks, and is proud to be in her seventh year. She is happily spreading crunchy love and healthy snacks to dogs nationwide. If you can’t make it to the farmers’ Market, check out their online store.

Fiddlehead Pottery

Stoneware Pottery

Trish Welsh with Fiddlehead Pottery makes functional and decorative stoneware pottery for your table, home, and garden. Her pots are glazed in warm earthy tones and are mostly decorated with carved or impressed leaves, fiddleheads, flowers, and birds. Welsh’s farmers’ market booth is decorated with pots, dishes, vases, and mugs. Her products are both useful and beautiful, with each item lasting a lifetime.