Defying Age & Enhancing Beauty Through Dentistry

By Justin M Russo, DDS, Russo, DDS

photo by lyandbobbyphotography

photo by lyandbobbyphotography

Let’s face it, your smile says a lot about you. It’s an imperative part of total body health, yet one that often gets overlooked. Many people want to attain their idea of beauty, but don’t know where to start—and they certainly don’t think of their smile first.

I once heard someone say that the human face is made up of the most expensive bits of real estate in the world, and they were right. It’s why a multi-billion dollar skincare industry exists to maintain flawless skin and, many times, a youthful appearance.                   

But have you ever considered how your smile plays into the aging process? After all of the daily wear and tear and the plethora of foods, coffees, wines, and drinks you consume, your smile ultimately ages faster than the rest of your face. Let that sink in.

Collagen Breakdown
It’s a natural occurrence and one that we’re most familiar with. As we age, the face’s natural collagen begins to break down, causing a “droopiness” or “thinness” in the upper lip and, as a result, less of your teeth are visible when speaking or smiling.

Teeth discoloration, surprisingly, isn’t a sole product of what we eat or drink. As we age, the outer coating of the tooth—the enamel—begins to wear away and get thinner, thus showing the darker “under layer” of your teeth, called dentin. As a
result, natural light projects through your enamel and the teeth appear darker.

It’s inevitable. Years of chewing and clenching will cause the edges of your teeth to thin and chip, ultimately causing your teeth to become shorter. As teeth get shorter, you will have less support for the soft tissues around your face, which enhances the appearance of wrinkles and the aging process.

The Good News?
Reversing the aging effects of your smile is easy, effective, and—in almost all cases—permanent. By using a dentist who specializes in dental health, cosmetics, and anti-aging dentistry, it will allow for proper analysis of your facial features, personality, and chewing cycle. While that may seem drastic, by analyzing these features you’re able to fix asymmetries, and reverse some of the effects of collagen breakdown.    

The End Result?
A beautiful smile that restores the appearance of the upper teeth and reduces wrinkles in the lips and surrounding tissues. In other words: a more permanent solution to looking younger and feeling more confident. When it comes to anti-aging, think outside the wrinkle-cream box. You’ll be glad you did.  

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