Tips for Ensuring Healthy Sleep Every Night

By Vicki Ashley, The Organic Bedroom

Everybody sleeps. Good and healthy sleep is promoted by maintaining a good and healthy sleep environment. With just a few small tweaks in your bedtime routine and in your bedroom environment, rest assured you will awake feeling your best.


1.    Reduce Clutter

Create a more feng shui environment by eliminating items that don’t belong in your bedroom. This reduces the need to constantly “tidy up” and gives you a sense of openness.


2.    Eliminate Dust

It can be difficult to keep up with the accumulation of dust in your home but if you can eliminate dust from your bedroom, do so regularly. Dust mites contain allergens, and bedding containing wool is a great way to keep those nasty dust mites off your bed. Wool is naturally dust mite resistant (contains lanolin which dust mites hate) thus bedding containing wool-in your mattress or comforter-is very resistant to dust mites.


3.    Remove Electronics

This is simple – keep televisions, computers, phones, and other electronic gadgets out of your bedroom. It’s better to not associate your bedroom with electronic entertainment.


4.    Maintain Comfortable Temperature, Lighting and Sound

Use ceiling and window fans to create a cross breeze in your bedroom to help circulate cool air. Add blackout shades or blinds to your windows for complete darkness and as stated above, don’t keep your noisy electronics on your nightstand.


5.    Dress Cool or Not At All.

Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk make great choices for sleep attire. Lightweight and breathable fabrics are key when looking for pajamas. Better yet, sleep in the nude! There are many advantages to sleeping naked (temperature regulation being just one of them).


6.    Your Pillow Matters.

A good supportiveand cool pillow will change the way you sleep at night. A cotton cover filled with natural fibers such as wool, kapok, or all-natural latex rubber are the best. Pillows made with such materials help wick away moisture to provide a cooler resting spot for the hottest part of your body.


7.    Replace Your Mattress and Bedding

New mattresses sold in the U.S. contain synthetic materials, petro-chemical based polyurethane foam, and cancer-causing chemicals. Consider replacing old mattresses with a mattress made with organic and natural materials such as
natural latex rubber, wool, or cotton. Organic and natural mattresses and bedding are dust mite resistant, temperature regulating, allergen free, and really are much more comfortable than traditional foam or foam and spring mattresses.