Estate Sales

By Barbara Jones, Magnolia Estate Sales

If you're selling your home due to downsizing or relocating, then you may want to consider hiring a professional estate sale company. It’s a great way to sell your unwanted furniture, and help clear out the house for potential buyers. Proceeds from the sale can pay for your moving, renovations and even your final closing fees. Alternatively, you can spend your money on a long awaited vacation!

How much a homeowner will earn from their sale will depend on many factors. Important considerations are size and location of the house, and the quantity, quality, and condition of the items you would like to sell. It’s not unusual to gross $5,000 to $30,000 from an estate sale. Most clients are surprised at how much money they make from the sale of their unwanted possessions.

The job of sorting through items accumulated through the course of a lifetime can be daunting. You may start to go through a box in a closet and before you know it, it’s dark outside and you have barely accomplished anything. Estate sale companies have no personal attachments to the contents of your home, so the sorting process can be done quickly and efficiently.  

Professional estate sale companies will advertise each sale to reach thousands of potential customers. They will also target specific groups that have specialized interests such as collectables. Having professional photos taken and advertising the items will increase the revenue at your sale.

The most important service that an estate sale company can provide is to ensure your home is ready to be placed on the market. Many realtors want your home cleared out for staging or open houses, so a great way to do this is to have an estate sale.  You can also list your home at the same time you’re having an estate sale. This will allow more people, and more potential buyers, to see your home, thereby increasing the chance of selling your house more quickly.

Hiring a professional estate sale company can be an invaluable service. Not only can you make a tidy profit from selling your unwanted possessions, but you also have the potential of selling your house more quickly and with less stress.  

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