A Culinary Experience Made from Scratch

A kiddie kitchen by day and an adult kitchen by night,
Taste Buds Kitchen in Apex leaves its guests with a full
stomach and some new tricks to spice up your life.

By Brittany Murdock   /   Photos by Farid Sani

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Over a million thoughts ran through my head as I entered Taste Buds Kitchen in Apex for a cooking class. Will others judge me on my knife skills? What if I undercook the chicken? Do they know I still can’t properly dice an onion? But before I could psych myself out too much, I walked through the doors, fastened my apron, and got down to business.

Located in Beaver Creek Commons, Taste Buds Kitchen allows seasoned chefs and beginner cooks alike a chance to excel in a variety of hands-on cooking classes. From chopping and stirring to mincing and sautéing, participants create a full-course meal from scratch without relying on a recipe—the recipes are sent to you after class. Here at Taste Buds Kitchen, owner Lisa Roche and her team will guide you step by step in creating each savory and sweet dish. You’ll be instructed on what needs to be diced, how long your protein should cook, and when to add certain ingredients into your pan.

“I always tell people when I start class that the goal is for you to have a great time with food, meet new people, and learn a few new tips and tricks that will help you in the kitchen at home,” Roche says.

And don’t expect to prepare the meals by yourself—guests will work in a team setting with up to five cooks per table. Whether you’re riding solo or attend with a plus one, you can expect to meet some new friends. Oh, and did I mention the adult classes are BYOB? That’s right! Bring your finest bottle of wine or a six pack of your favorite beer or cider to enjoy throughout the night. 

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Select from a variety of culinary adventures including a handmade pasta class or the Chinese takeout class—complete with chicken scallion dumplings and a dipping sauce so good it’ll leave you wanting more. Feel like traveling across the pond? Whip up homemade crepes drizzled with berry coulis in the Classic French Countryside class. And we can’t forget their Steakhouse class, complete with seared steak, a red wine reduction sauce, and truffle mashed potatoes. End the night as you savor your meal family style. 

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With a growing fan base and the recent celebration of their second anniversary in March, Roche and her team have created a culinary experience for all to enjoy, and guests like Elizabeth Cherba find it to be the perfect place for a date night out.

“The fact that you have to work with other people forces you to converse in a way that you wouldn’t have to at another cooking class,” Cherba says. “It’s more fun to experience cooking your food than just waiting for someone to deliver it to you.”

What adventure will you cook up next? Head to TasteBudsKitchen.com to book your next family class, birthday party, corporate event, and more!